What Is 'Ignite Challenge'

Ignite Challenge 2017 is designed as a relational rather than a transactional team building process that adopts a triangulated approach to optimally confer sustained benefits to sponsoring organizations.

The inbuilt value of a comprehensive after- training Strategic Management assignment is intended to imbue best industry practice and translate them into habits of excellence. This years objective is to ignite workplace performance of participating organizations. The strategies developed by the participating teams will be objectively and quantitatively evaluated. The most improved organization will be crowned with the coveted Ignite Challenge 2017 Champions Title at a Gala Dinner. This will earn the winning organization Annual Branding/Bragging Rights in the presence of their industry peers, current and prospective clients.

Key Highlights

  • Full day teambuilding activities
  • 12 members per corporate team (more than one team per organization can participate)
  • It should be noted that participating teams do not need to purchase a robotic kit as this shall be provided.
  • A key corporate challenge will be tackled by our facilitators based on prior needs analysis.
  • The performance of the robots will be monitored by a specially designed judging system
  • Best team walks off with Corporate Robotics Champion 2017 trophy.
  • Each team takes away a Project Management Task for practicing skills gained with corporate colleagues.
  • Participating organizations will take part in an organization-wide collaborative learning exercise where the winning organization will be awarded at The Ignite Challenge 2017 Gala Dinner.
  • Value Transformation

    1. Internalize

    Working in teams of 12, participating organizations will have an opportunity to have their staff take part in a unique event with dual benefits of:

  • Team-building with a blended approach that has group activities coupled with robotics assembly and operations.
  • An opportunity to compete with peer technology teams for the of Corporate Robotics Champions 2017 team award.

  • Each participating team will be offered access to an immersive online Strategic Management task where they are expected to collaborate cross-functionally to apply skills derived from the team-building back in their organization.

    2. Utilize

    Teams that participate in this Challenge will take back an interactive online-based Strategic Management task that has a completion deadline and also:

  • Enables participants to sign in and experience the dynamics of managing a project that is part of a broader multi-project program.
  • Challenges various organizational units/departments to jointly collaborate in learning and experiencing best practice in effective team-based collaboration, mentorship, leadership and communication.

  • 3. Realize

    The immersive and collaborative elements offered by enabling various staff and department train together on a Strategic Management task confers the following benefits:

    Organization progress is objectively monitored and at conclusion, the best performing organization will be awarded, "Ignite Challenge 2017 Champions" Title. This will be done at the Inaugural 2017 Ignite Gala Dinner where the winning organization will be honoured in the presence of industry peers, current and prospective clients.

    Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.

    — Andrew Carnegie

    Threefold Advantage

    • A: Benefits To
      Your Organization
    • 1. Based on prior needs assessment, a pressing organizational priority will be addressed.

    • 2. Bolstered Cross-Functional Collaboration, Synergy and Mentorship.

    • 3. Comprehensive post-training project management challenge.

    • 4. Accelerated Profitable Growth through rapid implementation of skills gained.

    • 5. Inspired Innovation, Enabled Opportunities and Seamless Adaptability.

    • 6. Sustained High Workplace Performance with Shared and Agreed Expectations.

    • B: Benefits To
      The Participating Team
    • 1. Constructive Disruptions for Improved Performance

    • 2. Embrace performance measurement metrics

    • 3. Reinforced corporate and team values

    • 4. Examined team beliefs and assumptions

    • 5. Fostered Female Inclusivity and Perspectives

    • 6. Corporate peer recognition

    • C: Benefits To
      Individual Team Members
    • 1. A corporate message that one is valued
      and highly appreciated

    • 2. An opportunity to project personal relevance in a team.

    • 3. Stimulate Self Leadership, Sense of Purpose and Critical Thinking.

    • 4. Strength, skills and competencies audit

    • 5. Engrain Effective Communication, Trust
      and Self-Drive.

    • 6. Ignite extra effort

    Event Details

    Date: Friday, 30th June, 2017
    Venue: Radisson Blu, Nairobi Upper Hill
    Time: 9.00am - 4:30pm
    Cost: Ksh. 240,000/- per 12-delegate team (Exclusive of 16% VAT)
    Full Day Program
  • 0800: Climate setting and establishing Rules of Engagement.
  • 0930: Team leaders Orientation and entry teambuilding activities
  • 1100: The Ultimate Robotic Challenge 1, Actual kit assembly (Brainstorm -Speed and Skill)
  • 1430: Robotic Challenge 2: Competitions and tournament
  • 1530: Plenary and Peer Learning.
  • 1600: End
  • Participant size This indoor program is designed for several people working a team of 12 members.. Only 10 corporate teams will be accommodated.

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